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Estatutos Estatales Seleccionados: Maine

Estatutos Seleccionados: Maine

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30 de enero de 2019

§ 4653. Commencement of proceedings

1. Filing. A person who has been a victim of harassment, including a business, may seek relief by filing in an appropriate court:

A. A sworn complaint alleging harassment; and

B. If the alleged harassment does not meet the definition in section 4651, subsection 2, paragraph C or is not related to an allegation of domestic violence, violence against a dating partner, sexual assault, stalking or harassment as described in Title 17-A, section 506, subsection 1, paragraph A-1 or A-2, a copy of a notice to stop harassing the plaintiff issued to the defendant pursuant to Title 17-A, section 506-A, subsection 1, paragraph A, subparagraph (1), division (a) or a statement of good cause why such a notice was not sought or obtained.

2. Assistance. The court shall provide separate forms with a summons and clerical assistance to assist either party to proceed under this chapter in completing and filing a complaint or other necessary documents. This assistance may not include legal advice or assistance in drafting legal documents.

3. Fees. No fee may be charged for forms. A plaintiff may apply for the right to proceed in forma pauperis.