Estatutos Estatales Seleccionados: Colorado

Estatutos Seleccionados: Colorado

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13 de octubre de 2023

§ 14-10-123.6. Required notice of prior restraining orders to prevent domestic abuse--proceedings concerning parental responsibilities relating to a child--resources for family services

(1) The general assembly hereby finds, determines, and declares that domestic violence is a pervasive problem in society and that a significant portion of domestic violence in society occurs in or near the home. The general assembly further recognizes research demonstrating that children in a home where domestic violence occurs are at greater risk of emotional, psychological, and physical harm. Studies have found that eighty to ninety percent of the children living in homes with domestic violence are aware of the violence. The general assembly finds that emerging research has established that these children are at greater risk of the following: Psychological, social, and behavioral problems; higher rates of academic problems; more physical illnesses, particularly stress-associated disorders; and a greater propensity to exhibit aggressive and violent behavior, sometimes carrying violent and violence-tolerant roles to their adult relationships. Studies have also noted that children are affected to varying degrees by witnessing violence in the home, and each child should be assessed on an independent basis. Accordingly, the general assembly determines that it is in the best interests of the children of the state of Colorado for the courts to advise the parents or guardians of children affected by domestic violence about the availability of resources and services and for such persons to be provided with information concerning the resources and services available to aid in the positive development of their children. It is the intent of the general assembly that such information would increase the awareness of the possible effects of domestic violence on children in the home, while providing the parents and legal guardians of these children with a comprehensive resource of available children’s services as well as potential financial resources to assist parents and legal guardians seeking to retain services for their children affected by domestic violence.

(2) When filing a proceeding concerning the allocation of parental responsibilities relating to a child pursuant to this article, the filing party shall have a duty to disclose to the court the existence of any prior temporary or permanent restraining orders to prevent domestic abuse issued pursuant to article 14 of title 13, C.R.S., and any emergency protection orders issued pursuant to section 13-14-103, C.R.S., entered against either party by any court within two years prior to the filing of the proceeding. The disclosure required pursuant to this section shall address the subject matter of the previous restraining orders or emergency protection orders, including the case number and jurisdiction issuing such orders.

(3) After the filing of the petition, the court shall advise the parties concerning domestic violence services and potential financial resources that may be available and shall strongly encourage the parties to obtain such services for their children, in appropriate cases. If the parties’ children participate in such services, the court shall apportion the costs of such services between the parties as it deems appropriate.

(4) The parties to a domestic relations petition filed pursuant to this article shall receive information concerning domestic violence services and potential financial resources that may be available.


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