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Restraining Orders

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December 18, 2023

Can I extend my protection order?

A protection order can be extended (renewed) for a period of one year. To extend your order, you must file a petition and affidavit to renew the protection order within the 45 days before your order is set to expire. Regardless of when you file the affidavit and petition, the renewed order would be effective beginning on the first day after your current order expires and would expire one year from that date.1

You can get your order renewed even if there has been no additional incidents. So, even if your affidavit states there has been no major (material) change in the relevant circumstances since you got the order, you can still get your order renewed if:

  1. you are not asking for the order to be changed (modified) in any way; and
  2. the respondent:
    • has been properly served with notice of the petition for renewal and notice of the hearing and s/he doesn’t show up at the hearing; or
    • the respondent lets the court know that s/he does not disagree with the renewal.2

1 NE R.S. § 42-924(3)(b)(i), (3)(b)(iii)
2 NE R.S. § 42-924(3)(b)(ii)