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Legal Information: Nebraska

Restraining Orders

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December 18, 2023

How does the order get served (delivered) to the respondent (harasser)?

The sheriff’s office in the county where the harasser lives will be responsible for serving the harassment protection order to the harasser. The court clerk will provide a copy of the order to the sheriff’s office with instructions for serving the order. The sheriff’s office must then serve the order to the harasser and file proof of service with the court clerk within 14 days of the date that the harassment protection order was issued.1Note: In order for the papers to be served upon (legally given to) the harasser, the sheriff will go to the harasser’s home, work, or other place s/he can be found to hand him/her the papers. If, for example, you believe that serving the respondent at his/her work will endanger you, you can include this information in the forms that you fill out and request that the harasser not be served at work.

1 NE R.S. § 28-311.09(9)