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Legal Information: California

Restraining Orders

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June 16, 2021

Can I get financial support when I file for a DVRO?

Sometimes. If there is no current child support order and your child is living with you, the judge may order the abuser to pay you child support. However, you have to request it, and there are additional forms you have to fill out. You can find those forms on the CA Courts website or in court. In deciding whether to grant child support in domestic violence situations, the judge also considers whether a lack of support would put you and your child in danger.1

You may also be able to get spousal support if you are married to the abuser and no spousal support order exists. You will have to fill out additional forms, which can be found on the CA Courts website or in court. When deciding whether or not to order the abuser to pay spousal support, the court considers whether the lack of support would put you in danger (including safety concerns related to your financial needs).2

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