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Restraining Orders

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December 3, 2020

What protections can I get in a sexual assault protection order?

A sexual assault protection order can:

  • order the respondent to not have any physical contact with you;
  • order the respondent to not have any nonphysical contact with you either directly (for example, no phone calls, mail, email, written notes, faxes, etc.) or indirectly (through another person, often called “a third party”);
  • exclude (remove) the respondent from your home, workplace, school, or the day care or school of your child (if the child is the victim) or other locations;
  • prohibit (forbid) the respondent from coming within a certain distance of your home, workplace, school, day care or other locations;
  • order the respondent to transfer schools if s/he attends the same school as you; and/or
  • anything else that the judge believes is necessary to protect you.1

1 R.C.W. § 7.90.090(2)(a)-(d),(3); see also Petition for Sexual Assault Protection Order