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Restraining Orders

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December 3, 2020

What other types of orders may help me?

Restraining Order
A restraining order is filed as part of a divorce case, a paternity case, or other family law case.  This is broader than a domestic violence protection order, since it can also deal with property issues, child support, or spousal support.  If you are concerned about preventing the abuser from getting rid of your assets during your separation, you might contact an attorney to see about getting a restraining order.1

No Contact Order
This order is intended to protect you if the abuser is in the process of a criminal case.  The judge will decide whether or not to issue this order when s/he decides if the abuser is to be released on bail or personal recognizance, or when the abuser is formally charged or being sentenced.  Generally this order does not last as long as an order of protection.  It does not award custody, establish visitation, or order counseling.2

You may also be able to file for a Sexual Assault Protection Order, Stalking Protection Order, or a Civil Anti-Harassment Order.

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