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Restraining Orders

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December 3, 2020

Step 4: Sorting out the paperwork

The clerk will send a copy of the temporary order and the Law Enforcement Information sheet to the police station where you live so it can be entered into the statewide law enforcement computer system. This is to assure your order can be enforced by the police or sheriff. The Law Enforcement Information Sheet will not be given to or shown to the respondent.1

The order for protection or a reissued temporary order must be filed with the clerk. The clerk will make copies for you to take. When you leave the court, you should have the following papers:

  • copy of the petition for an order for protection;
  • the original completed Law Enforcement Information Sheet; and
  • at least one certified copy of the temporary order. (You may want to carry one copy with you at all times. You also may want extra copies to keep in a safe place so there will be a copy available to show police in case of a violation.)

1Law Enforcement Information Sheet