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February 2, 2024

124.030. Restraining order; issuance; delivery to county sheriff; duties of sheriff; duration and termination of order; contempt proceedings; security

(1) Whenever a restraining order, as authorized by ORS 124.015 or 124.020, that includes a security amount and an expiration date pursuant to ORS 124.015 and 124.020 and this section, is issued and the person to be restrained has actual notice of the order, the clerk of the court or any other person serving the petition and order shall immediately deliver to a county sheriff a true copy of proof of service, on which it is stated that personal service of the petition and order was served on the respondent, and copies of the petition and order. Proof of service may be made by affidavit or by declaration under penalty of perjury. If an order entered by the court recites that the respondent appeared in person before the court, the necessity for service of the order and proof of service is waived. Upon receipt of a copy of the order and notice of completion of any required service by a member of a law enforcement agency, the county sheriff shall immediately enter the order into the Law Enforcement Data System maintained by the Department of State Police. If the petition and order were served on the respondent by a person other than a member of a law enforcement agency, the county sheriff shall enter the order into the Law Enforcement Data System upon receipt of a true copy of proof of service. Entry into the Law Enforcement Data System constitutes notice to all law enforcement agencies of the existence of the order. Law enforcement agencies shall establish procedures adequate to ensure that an officer at the scene of an alleged violation of the order may be informed of the existence and terms of the order. The order is fully enforceable in any county in this state.

(2)(a) A restraining order shall remain in effect until the order expires or is terminated by court order.

(b) When a restraining order has been entered under ORS 124.020, the restraining order shall not be terminated upon a motion for dismissal by the petitioner or guardian petitioner unless the motion is notarized.

(3) In any situation where a restraining order described in subsection (1) of this section is terminated before the expiration date, the clerk of the court shall immediately deliver a copy of the termination order to the county sheriff with whom the original order was filed. Upon receipt of the termination order, the county sheriff shall promptly remove the original order from the Law Enforcement Data System.

(4) Pending a contempt hearing for an alleged violation of a restraining order issued under ORS 124.015 or 124.020, a person arrested and taken into custody pursuant to ORS 133.310 may be released as provided in ORS 135.230 to 135.290. Whenever a restraining order is issued under ORS 124.015 or 124.020, the issuing court shall set a security amount for the violation of the order.