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9 de julio de 2021

173-B:5-a. Permissible Contact.

I. A protective order issued pursuant to RSA 173-B:4 or RSA 173-B:5 shall not be construed to prohibit an attorney, or any person acting on the attorney’s behalf, who is representing the defendant in an action brought under this chapter, or in any criminal proceeding concerning the abuse alleged under this chapter, from contacting the plaintiff for a legitimate purpose within the scope of the civil or criminal proceeding; provided, that the attorney or person acting on behalf of the attorney: identifies himself or herself as a representative of the defendant; acknowledges the existence of the protective order and informs the plaintiff that he or she has no obligation to speak; terminates contact with the plaintiff if the plaintiff expresses an unwillingness to talk; and ensures that any personal contact with the plaintiff occurs outside of the defendant’s presence, unless the court has modified the protective order to permit such contact.

II. A no-contact provision in a protective order issued pursuant to RSA 173- B:4 or RSA 173-B:5 shall not be construed to:

(a) Prevent contact between counsel for represented parties; or

(b) Prevent a party from appearing at a scheduled court or administrative hearing; or

(c) Prevent a defendant or defendant’s counsel from sending the plaintiff copies of any legal pleadings filed in court relating to the domestic violence petition or related civil or criminal matters.

III. A violation of this section may result in a finding of contempt of court.

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