Estatutos Estatales Seleccionados: Nuevo Hampshire

Estatutos Seleccionados: New Hampshire

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9 de julio de 2021

173-B:8. Notification.

I. A copy of any order made under this chapter which prohibits any person from abusing another shall be promptly transmitted to the local law enforcement agency having jurisdiction to enforce such order.

II. Temporary orders shall be promptly served on the defendant by a peace officer. Subsequent orders shall be sent to the defendant’s last address of record. The defendant shall be responsible for informing the court of any changes of address. Law enforcement agencies shall establish procedures whereby a peace officer at the scene of an alleged violation of such an order may be informed of the existence and terms of such order.

III. Any court-ordered changes or modifications of the order shall be effective upon issuance of such changes or modifications, and shall be mailed or otherwise provided to the appropriate local law enforcement agency and transmitted to the department of safety within 24 hours of the entry of such changes or modifications.

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