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Estatutos Seleccionados: New Hampshire

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9 de julio de 2021

173-B:14. Orders of Support.

I. In any action determining the obligation of the obligor to support the obligee or the parties’ minor children including, but not limited to, actions for divorce pursuant to RSA 458; determination of parental rights and responsibilities pursuant to RSA 461-A; paternity pursuant to RSA 168-A; child support pursuant to RSA 161-B, RSA 161-C, and RSA 458; reimbursement of public assistance pursuant to RSA 161-C; and the uniform interstate family support act pursuant to RSA 546-B; the court shall take judicial notice of any support obligation established pursuant to this chapter upon the filing of a certified copy of the order by:

(a) Either party to the domestic violence proceeding.

(b) The department.

(c) Any other agency or person legally entitled to enforce the obligation of support for the minor children.

II. Any circuit court order for financial support shall include enforcement of any duly filed circuit court order from the date of filing forward, and shall include enforcement of any arrears which have been:

(a) Reduced to judgment by the circuit court;

(b) Documented by the department pursuant to an order to make payable through the department; or

(c) Documented by the obligee in a notarized statement, provided that the obligor shall have 30 days to object and request a hearing on the issue of arrears.

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