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9 de julio de 2021

461-A:1 Definitions.

In this chapter:

I. “Decision-making responsibility” means the responsibility to make decisions for the child. It may refer to decisions on all issues or on specified issues.

II. “Mediation” means a process in which a neutral third party facilitates settlement discussions between parties.

III. “Mediator” means a family mediator, certified pursuant to RSA 328-C, who has contracted with the court to participate in court-referred mediation under this chapter.

IV. “Parental rights and responsibilities” means all rights and responsibilities parents have concerning their child.

V. “Parenting plan” means a written plan describing each parent’s rights and responsibilities.

VI. “Parenting schedule” means the schedule of when the child is in the care of each parent.

VII. “Residential responsibility” means a parent’s responsibility to provide a home for the child.

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