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Statutes: Maryland

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27 de noviembre de 2023

§ 4-515. Victims of domestic violence program; creation

In general

(a)(1) The Executive Director shall establish a program in the Governor’s Office of Crime Prevention, Youth, and Victim Services to help victims of domestic violence and their children.

(2) The purpose of the program is to provide for victims of domestic violence and their children, in each region of this State:

(i) temporary shelter or help in obtaining shelter;

(ii) counseling;

(iii) information;

(iv) referral; and

(v) rehabilitation.

Authorized shelters

(b) As a part of the domestic violence program, there shall be, in a major population center of this State, at least 1 program serving the area.


(c) Any program established under this section shall be subject to the following conditions:

(1) the program shall provide victims of domestic violence and their children with a temporary home and necessary counseling;

(2) the Governor’s Office of Crime Prevention, Youth, and Victim Services shall:

(i) supervise the program;

(ii) set standards of care and admission policies;

(iii) monitor the operation of the program and annually evaluate the effectiveness of the program;

(iv) adopt rules and regulations that set fees for services at and govern the operation of each program; and

(v) regularly consult, collaborate with, and consider the recommendations of the federally recognized State domestic violence coalition regarding domestic violence programs and policies, practices, and procedures that impact victims of domestic violence and their children;

(3) the program shall accept from the police or any other referral source in the community any victim of domestic violence and the child of any victim of domestic violence; and

(4) housing may not be provided under this subtitle to an applicant for housing who is not a resident of this State at the time the application for housing is made.

Expansion of program

(d)(1) As funds become available, the Executive Director may extend the domestic violence program to other areas in this State.

(2) Expansion of the domestic violence program may include:

(i) establishing additional shelters; or

(ii) providing funds and technical assistance to a local organization or agency that shows that it is able and willing to run a domestic violence program.