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Legal Information: Vermont

Restraining Orders

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December 13, 2019

I was not granted a relief from abuse order. Is there another order I can get?

If you were not granted an relief from abuse order because you are not considered a family or household member of the abuser, you may be able to get a stalking or sexual assault prevention order.  You can only file for a stalking or sexual assault prevention order for yourself or your child if you are filing against someone who is NOT a family or household member and one of the following crimes has been committed against you.

  • Stalking is when someone does two or more of the following acts:
    • following you;
    • lying in wait for you (hiding in order to attack or harm you); or
    • threatening behavior directed at you or a member of your family.

Note: The acts must serve no legitimate purpose and cause you to reasonably fear for your safety or cause you substantial emotional distress.1

To file for a stalking or sexual assault relief from abuse order, you will need to go to the superior court in the county where you live.  If you leave your home to escape abuse, you have the option to file in the county where you used to live or in the county that you moved to.3

See our Sexual Assault or Stalking Protective Orders page for more information.

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