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Legal Information: Vermont

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of December 12, 2023

What is the definition of stalking in Vermont?

Stalking is when someone repeatedly (at least 2 times) follows, monitors, surveils or threatens you, makes threats about you, or interferes with your property. These actions can be done directly or indirectly (through another person) and by using a device or through any other actions.1 The stalker must know or should know that his/her actions would reasonably cause you to:

  • fear for your safety or your family member’s safety; or
  • suffer substantial emotional harm. This “substantial emotional harm” can be shown by:
    • your fear of unlawful sexual conduct, unlawful restraint, bodily injury, or death; or
    • significant changes that you have made in your actions or routines, including:
      • moving from your home;
      • changing your daily routes to and from work even though it causes a serious disruption in your life;
      • changing your job or your work schedule; or
      • losing a job or losing time from work.2

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