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Legal Information: Tennessee

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of
November 27, 2023

What do I have to prove to qualify for a temporary restraining order? What protections will it include?

In order to qualify for a temporary restraining order (TRO), you must include an affidavit with your petition that shows these three things:

  1. you suffered unlawful violence or a credible threat of violence carried out by the respondent;
  2. you or your employer will be harmed if the injunction is not granted; and
  3. if you are the employer who is filing the petition, you must confirm that you have conducted a “reasonable investigation” into the underlying facts that are alleged in your petition.1

If the judge issues the TRO, it will order the respondent not to commit further unlawful violence or threats of violence at the workplace.2

1 TN ST § 20-14-104
2 TN ST § 20-14-102