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October 6, 2020

What is the legal definition of financial exploitation?

Financial exploitation is when someone:

  • controls your property without your permission through:
    • lying (deception);
    • intimidation;
    • using his/her influence to take advantage of you (undue influence); or
    • force or threat of force;
  • violates his/her financial obligation to you (breaches his/her fiduciary duty) as your guardian, conservator, or person with power of attorney, which results in your property being:
    • used for a reason you did not consent to (appropriated);
    • sold without your consent;
    • or transferred to someone else without your consent; or
  • gets or uses control over your property as your caregiver, but without your consent and in order to benefit him/herself or another person.1

1 Tenn. Code §§ 39-15-501(7); 39-15-502