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Legal Information: Tennessee

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of November 27, 2023

What protections can I get in a protection order?

Through an ex parte or final elderly or vulnerable adult protection order, a judge can order the abuser to:

  • stop abusing you;
  • stop neglecting you;
  • stop misusing or threatening to misuse your money, property, or state or federal benefits (committing financial exploitation);
  • stop sexually abusing or exploiting you;
  • return to you or reimburse you for any money, property, or state or federal benefits taken from you through exploitation or other misuse;
  • stop providing care or stop working anywhere that provides care for adults;
  • not contact you in any way; and
  • do or stop doing anything else that is necessary for your protection.1

1 Tenn. Code § 71-6-124(b)