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Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of
November 30, 2023

Who can file for a workplace violence restraining order?

A workplace violence restraining order is something that an employer could seek in court based on threats, violence or stalking against the employer, an employee (you), or against an “invitee” (someone invited into the worksite, such as a customer or guest).  Your employer could be eligible if you (the employee), your employer, and/or an “invitee”: 

  • were the victim of violence (anywhere);
  • received a threat of violence that can reasonably be interpreted as a threat that may be carried out at the worksite; or
  • have been stalked or harassed at the worksite.1

A workplace violence restraining order could prohibit “further unlawful acts” by the abuser at the worksite.2  See How can a workplace violence restraining order help me? for more information about the protections that this order can offer.  

Note: Your employer must file for this type of restraining order on your behalf; you, as an employee, cannot file for it (although you may qualify for your own domestic violence restraining order, depending on your relationship to the abuser).  There does not need to be a personal relationship between the perpetrator and the victim for this workplace violence restraining order to be issued.  In other words, the perpetrator (abuser) could be anyone: a co-worker, customer, intimate partner, family member, etc.1

1 RI Gen. Laws § 28-52-2(a)
2 RI Gen. Laws § 28-52-2(b)