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Legal Information: Rhode Island

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of November 30, 2023

What are the steps to getting an extreme risk protection order?

The steps to get an extreme risk protection order are similar to the steps to get a domestic violence restraining order, but the petitioner (a law enforcement agency) will fill out different forms. Extreme risk protection order petitions should be filed in the county where the respondent lives. There are no fees to file for an order.1

The petition should include the specific statements, actions, or facts that support the petitioner’s belief that the respondent poses a significant risk of danger to himself/herself or others by having a firearm in his/her custody or control or by purchasing, possessing, or receiving a firearm. The petition must also include a written affidavit (sworn statement) signed by the petitioner.2 If the petitioner knows the respondent has firearms, the petition should include the number, types, and locations of the firearms if the petitioner knows.3

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