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Legal Information: Nevada

Workplace Protections

August 6, 2021

Are there reasons my employer could refuse to let me from take time off?

Your employer cannot deny your right to take leave if your request meets all of the requirements included in this law.1 You must use the hours:

  • within the 12 months that immediately follow the date that the domestic violence incident occurred; and
  • for a reason allowed under the law.2

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Can my employer fire me for using time off?

It is against the law for your employer to “retaliate” against you for using time off under this law.1 In other words, if your employer fired you or punished you in some other way because you used time off under this law, your employer may be retaliating against you.

1 N.R.S. § 608.0198(3)(c)

Does my employer have to pay me if I take time off under this law?

Your employer can decide whether the leave you use is paid or unpaid.1 You are not required to find another worker to cover your hours.2 Additionally, you have the right to take your time off all at once or spread it out over time.3

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