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July 14, 2020

33.430. Order to be transmitted to law enforcement agencies; arrest for violation; enforcement of order

1. Each court that issues an order pursuant to NRS 33.400 shall transmit, as soon as practicable, a copy of the order to all law enforcement agencies within its jurisdiction. The copy must include a notation of the date on which the order was personally served upon the person to whom it is directed.

2. A peace officer, without a warrant, may arrest and take into custody a person when the peace officer has probable cause to believe that:

(a) An order has been issued pursuant to NRS 33.400 to the person to be arrested;
(b) The person to be arrested has been served with a copy of the order; and
(c) The person to be arrested is acting in violation of the order.

3. Any law enforcement agency in this State may enforce a court order issued pursuant to NRS 33.400.