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July 14, 2020

33.410. Petition for order: Deferment of costs and fees; free information concerning order; no fee for serving order

1. The payment of all costs and official fees must be deferred for any person who petitions a court for a temporary or extended order pursuant to NRS 33.400. After any hearing and not later than final disposition of such an application or order, the court shall assess the costs and fees against the adverse party, except that the court may reduce them or waive them, as justice may require.

2. The clerk of the court shall provide a person who petitions the court for a temporary or extended order pursuant to NRS 33.400 and the adverse party, free of cost, with information about the:

(a) Availability of temporary and extended orders pursuant to NRS 33.400;
(b) Procedure for filing an application for such an order; and
(c) Right to proceed without legal counsel.

3. A person who obtains an order pursuant to NRS 33.400 must not be charged any fee to have the order served in this state.