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July 14, 2020

125C.0065. Consent required from non-relocating parent to relocate child when joint physical custody established; petition for primary physical custody; attorney's fees and costs

1. If joint physical custody has been established pursuant to an order, judgment or decree of a court and one parent intends to relocate his or her residence to a place outside of this State or to a place within this State that is at such a distance that would substantially impair the ability of the other parent to maintain a meaningful relationship with the child, and the relocating parent desires to take the child with him or her, the relocating parent shall, before relocating:

(a) Attempt to obtain the written consent of the non-relocating parent to relocate with the child; and

(b) If the non-relocating parent refuses to give that consent, petition the court for primary physical custody for the purpose of relocating.

2. The court may award reasonable attorney’s fees and costs to the relocating parent if the court finds that the non-relocating parent refused to consent to the relocating parent’s relocation with the child:

(a) Without having reasonable grounds for such refusal; or

(b) For the purpose of harassing the relocating parent.

3. A parent who relocates with a child pursuant to this section before the court enters an order granting the parent primary physical custody of the child and permission to relocate with the child is subject to the provisions of NRS 200.359.