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July 14, 2020

33.070. Inclusion in order of requirement of arrest; verification of notice to adverse party.

1. Every temporary or extended order must include a provision ordering any law enforcement officer to arrest an adverse party if the officer has probable cause to believe that the adverse party has violated any provision of the order. The law enforcement officer may make an arrest with or without a warrant and regardless of whether the violation occurs in his presence.

2. If a law enforcement officer cannot verify that the adverse party was served with a copy of the application and order, he shall:

(a) Inform the adverse party of the specific terms and conditions of the order;

(b) Inform the adverse party that he now has notice of the provisions of the order and that a violation of the order will result in his arrest;

(c) Inform the adverse party of the location of the court that issued the original order and the hours during which the adverse party may obtain a copy of the order; and

(d) Inform the adverse party of the date and time set for a hearing on an application for an extended order, if any.

3. Information concerning the terms and conditions of the order, the date and time of the notice provided to the adverse party and the name and identifying number of the officer who gave the notice must be provided in writing to the applicant and noted in the records of the law enforcement agency and the court.