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Restraining Orders

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August 10, 2023

I have a final protective order from New Hampshire. Can I get it enforced in another state?

Yes.  If you have a valid New Hampshire protective order or stalking protective order that meets federal standards, it can be enforced in another state.  The Violence Against Women Act, which is a federal law, states that all valid protective orders granted in the United States receive “full faith and credit” in all state and tribal courts within the US, including US territories.  See How do I know if my protective order is good under federal law? to find out if your protective order qualifies.

Each state must enforce protective orders from other states in the same way it enforces its own orders.  Meaning, if your abuser violates your New Hampshire protective order in another state, your abuser will be punished according to the laws of that state.  This is what is meant by “full faith and credit.”