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March 19, 2020

14-09.2-06. Confidentiality

Statements made and documents produced as part of the parenting coordinator process which are not otherwise discoverable are not subject to discovery or other disclosure and are not admissible into evidence for any purpose at trial or in any other proceeding, including impeachment. Parenting coordinators and lawyers for the parties, to the extent of their participation in the parenting coordinator process, may not be subpoenaed or called as witnesses in court proceedings. Notes, records, and recollections of parenting coordinators are confidential and may not be disclosed unless:

1. The parties and the parenting coordinator agree in writing to the disclosure; or

2. Disclosure is required by law or other applicable professional codes. Notes and records of parenting coordinators may not be disclosed to the court unless after a hearing the court determines that the notes or records should be reviewed in camera. Unless the court determines that the notes and records contain information regarding acts that may be a violation of a state or federal criminal law, the notes and records may not be released.