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March 19, 2020

14-09-32. Parental rights and responsibilities

1. Each parent of a child has the following rights and responsibilities:

a. Right to access and obtain copies of the child’s educational, medical, dental, religious, insurance, and other records or information.

b. Right to attend educational conferences concerning the child. This right does not require any school to hold a separate conference with each parent.

c. Right to reasonable access to the child by written, telephonic, and electronic means.

d. Duty to inform the other parent as soon as reasonably possible of a serious accident or serious illness for which the child receives health care treatment. The parent shall provide to the other parent a description of the serious accident or serious illness, the time of the serious accident or serious illness, and the name and location of the treating health care provider.

e. Duty to immediately inform the other parent of residential telephone numbers and address, and any changes to the same.

f. Duty to keep the other parent informed of the name and address of the school the child attends.

2. The court shall include in an order establishing or modifying parental rights and responsibilities the rights and duties listed in this section; however, the court may restrict or exclude any right or duty listed in this section if the order states the reason in support of the restriction or exclusion. The court shall consider any domestic violence protection orders relating to the parties when determining whether to restrict or exclude any right or duty listed in this section.