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March 19, 2020

14-09-08.6. Obligor's duties upon review--Failure to provide information

Unless sufficient information was previously provided by the obligor with a request for review, the obligor shall provide information to the child support agency concerning the obligor’s income, which is sufficient to accomplish the review, by the date required by the child support agency. The information must be furnished by providing:

1. An income report, in the form and manner required by the child support agency, accurately completed and attested to by the obligor;

2. Earnings statements secured from the obligor’s current income payer if the obligor changed employment after the end of the latest income tax year for which the obligor filed a return; and

3. A verified copy of the latest income tax return, filed with the internal revenue service or any state official administering a state income tax, which accurately reports the obligor’s income for a fiscal year ending no more than seventeen months prior to the date of the review.