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March 19, 2020

14-09.2-05. Fees

Before the appointment of the parenting coordinator, the court shall give the parties notice that the fees of the parenting coordinator will be apportioned between the parties. In its order appointing the parenting coordinator, the court shall apportion the fees of the parenting coordinator between the parties, with each party bearing the portion of the fees that the court determines is just and equitable under the circumstances. If a party files a pro se motion regarding a parenting time dispute and there is not a court order that provides for apportionment of the fees of a parenting coordinator, the court may require the party requesting the appointment of a parenting coordinator to pay the fees of the coordinator in advance. Neither party may be required to submit a dispute to a parenting coordinator if the party cannot afford to pay the fees of a parenting coordinator or an affordable coordinator is not available, unless the other party agrees to pay the fees. After the fees are incurred, a party may by motion request that the fees be reapportioned on equitable grounds. The court may consider the resources of the parties, the nature of the dispute, and whether a party acted in bad faith. Notwithstanding the provisions of section 14-09.2-06, the court may consider information from the parenting coordinator in determining bad faith.