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February 25, 2019

14-09.2-01. Parenting coordinator--Definition

A parenting coordinator is a neutral individual authorized to use any dispute resolution process to resolve parenting time disputes. The purpose of a parenting coordinator is to resolve parenting time disputes by interpreting, clarifying, and addressing circumstances not specifically addressed by an existing court order. A parenting coordinator:

1. May assess for the parties whether there has been a violation of an existing court order and, if so, recommend further court proceedings.

2. May be appointed to resolve a one-time parenting time dispute or to provide ongoing parenting time dispute resolution services. Parenting time dispute also means a visitation dispute under existing orders.

3. Shall attempt to resolve a parenting time dispute by facilitating negotiations between the parties to promote settlement and, if it becomes apparent that the dispute cannot be resolved by an agreement of the parties, shall make a decision resolving the dispute.