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Restraining Orders

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December 7, 2022

Who can get an order of protection?

You can get an order of protection against a “family or household member” who has committed acts of domestic abuse against you. Family or household members include:

  1. a current or former spouse;
  2. a person with whom you live currently or have lived in the past (adult or minor);
  3. a person you are dating or have dated (adult or minor);
  4. a person with whom you have had a sexual relationship (adult or minor);
  5. a person to whom you are related by blood or adoption to the fourth degree of affinity (adult or minor);
  6. a person to whom you are related (or were related) by marriage (adult or minor);
  7. a person with whom you have a child in common (adult or minor); and
  8. a minor child of a person in a relationship described in (1) through (7) above.1

Note: You can file the petition for yourself, your minor child, or on behalf of another person as long as you have personal knowledge that this person has been abused. Also, an adult household member can file for an order on behalf of a minor child in the household.2

1 7 Guam Code § 40101(d)
2 7 Guam Code § 40103

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