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Legal Information: District of Columbia

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of April 5, 2024

How do I get an extreme risk protection order?

You can file for an extreme risk protection order if you are related to the respondent, are dating, living with, or have a child with the respondent, or are a certain type of professional. You can start the process by filing a petition at the Superior Court for the District of Columbia. Your petition must:

  • be written;
  • include facts that support your claim that the respondent presents a significant danger of causing bodily injury to himself/herself or others by having possession or control of, purchasing, or receiving any firearm or ammunition; and
  • include information about the number, types, and location of the respondent’s firearms and ammunition if you have that information.1

Your petition must be served to the Office of the Attorney General and the respondent.1

1 D.C. Code § 7-2510.02(a)