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Legal Information: District of Columbia

Restraining Orders

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November 1, 2019

Who can file for an extreme risk protection order?

You can file for an extreme risk protection order if there is significant danger that the respondent will cause bodily injury to himself/herself or others by having possession or control of, purchasing, or receiving any firearm or ammunition and:

1. you are related to the respondent by:

  • blood;
  • adoption;
  • guardianship;
  • marriage
  • domestic partnership;

2. you and the respondent:

  • have a child in common;
  • live together; or
  • have a romantic, dating, or sexual relationship; or

3. you are filing in your official capacity as any of the following:

  • a sworn member of the Metropolitan Police Department; or
  • a mental health professional.1

1 D.C. Code § 7-2510.01(2)