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Legal Information: Colorado

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of October 13, 2023

What is a protection order for stalking, sexual assault, physical harm/threats abuse of the elderly/ at-risk adult?

Similar to a protection order for domestic violence, this type of protection order is an official court order designed to stop violent, threatening, harassing, stalking or sexually abusive behavior or emotionally abusive behavior to an elderly or at-risk adult and to protect you and your family members from anyone who is harming you regardless of your relationship to that person.1 You can apply for one whether or not you are related to the abuser or in an intimate relationship with him/her. It can prohibit the restrained person (the abuser) from contacting, harassing, stalking, injuring, intimidating, or threatening you and may forbid the restrained person from entering or remaining in a specific place or from coming within a certain distance of you or your home. Also, a protection order can prohibit the abuser from threatening, taking, transferring, concealing or harming an animal owned by the protected person.2

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