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Legal Information: Colorado

Restraining Orders

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October 13, 2023

Who can file for an extreme risk protection order?

The person filing for an extreme risk protection order is known as the petitioner. The person who the order is filed against is called the respondent.

You can file for an extreme risk protection order if the respondent poses a significant risk of causing personal injury to himself/herself or others in the near future by having a firearm in his/her custody or control, or by purchasing, possessing, or receiving a firearm and you are:

  1. the respondent’s “family or household member;” or
  2. a law enforcement officer or agency.1

You are the respondent’s family or household member if:

  1. you and the respondent:
    • are related by blood, marriage, or adoption;
    • have a child in common;
    • regularly live together or regularly lived together within the last six months;
    • are domestic partners;
  2. you have a biological or legal parent-child relationship with the respondent;
  3. you have acted as the respondent’s legal guardian; or
  4. you and the respondent have or had an intimate relationship.2

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