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December 12, 2023

§ 25-501. Duties of support; exemption

A. Except as provided in subsection F of this section, every person has the duty to provide all reasonable support for that person’s natural and adopted minor, unemancipated children, regardless of the presence or residence of the child in this state. In the case of children with mental or physical disabilities, if the court, after considering the factors set forth in § 25-320, subsection D, deems it appropriate, the court may order support to continue past the age of majority. If a child reaches the age of majority while the child is attending high school or a certified high school equivalency program, support shall continue to be provided while the child is actually attending high school or the equivalency program but only until the child reaches nineteen years of age unless the court enters an order pursuant to § 25-320, subsection E.

B. A child who is born as the result of artificial insemination is entitled to support from the mother as prescribed by this section and the mother’s spouse if the spouse either is the biological father of the child or agreed in writing to the insemination before or after the insemination occurred.

C. The child support guidelines shall be used in determining the ability to pay child support and the amount of payments. The obligation to pay child support is primary and other financial obligations are secondary.

D. All duties of support as prescribed in this chapter may be enforced by all civil and criminal remedies provided by law.

E. Remedies provided by this chapter are cumulative and do not affect the availability of remedies under other law.

F. The court may determine that a parent is not obligated to contribute to the support of the parent’s minor child if maternity or paternity is the result of the parent’s sexual contact with a person who, as a result of that contact, has been found guilty of sexual conduct with a minor under § 13-1405 or sexual assault under § 13-1406. The court may also apply this exemption to the parent’s parents or legal guardian.

G. In any action filed pursuant to this title, if a duty of support for another person exists or may exist the parties shall file the social security number of each party and any affected children in the record of the proceeding in a manner that is consistent with the requirements of the Arizona rules of family law relating to sensitive data. The court shall include this information in the state case registry and shall maintain this information in a manner that is consistent with the requirements of the Arizona rules of family law relating to sensitive data.