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December 12, 2023

§ 25-402. Jurisdiction

A. Before it conducts a proceeding concerning legal decision-making or parenting time, including a proceeding to determine the legal decision-making or visitation of a nonparent, a court in this state first must confirm its authority to do so to the exclusion of any other state, Indian tribe or foreign nation by complying with the uniform child custody jurisdiction and enforcement act, the parental kidnapping prevention act and any applicable international law concerning the wrongful abduction or removal of children.

B. The following persons may request legal decision-making or parenting time under the following circumstances:

1. A parent in any proceeding for marital dissolution, legal separation, annulment, paternity or modification of an earlier decree or judgment.

2. A person other than a parent, by filing a petition for third party rights under § 25-409 in the county in which the child permanently resides.