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December 12, 2023

§ 25-352. Applicability of program; compliance

A. In an action for dissolution of marriage, legal separation or annulment that involves a natural or an adopted minor, unemancipated child who is common to the parties or in any paternity proceeding under chapter 6, article 1 of this title [FN1] in which a party has requested that the court determine custody, specific parenting time or child support, the court shall order the parties to complete an educational program as prescribed by this article, unless any of the following applies:

1. On its own motion or the motion of either party the court determines that participation is not in the best interests of the parties or the child.

2. A party is or will be enrolled in an education program that the court deems comparable.

3. The court determines that a party previously has completed an educational program adopted pursuant to this article or a comparable program. The court may order a party to attend a program more than once.

B. In an action or proceeding involving child support or the modification or enforcement of parenting time or custody, the court may order either party or both parties to complete an educational program as prescribed by this article.

C. If the parties have a history of domestic violence as defined in § 13-3601 the court may enter appropriate orders that set forth the manner in which the parties shall participate in the program and shall make reasonable efforts to protect the safety of the participants.

D. Each party shall complete the educational program within the time ordered by the judge. The judge may extend the deadline for compliance.