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December 12, 2023

§ 13-2810. Interfering with judicial proceedings; classification

A. A person commits interfering with judicial proceedings if such person knowingly:

1. Engages in disorderly, disrespectful or insolent behavior during the session of a court which directly tends to interrupt its proceedings or impairs the respect due to its authority; or

2. Disobeys or resists the lawful order, process or other mandate of a court; or

3. Refuses to be sworn or affirmed as a witness in any court proceeding; or

4. Publishes a false or grossly inaccurate report of a court proceeding; or

5. Refuses to serve as a juror unless exempted by law; or

6. Fails inexcusably to attend a trial at which he has been chosen to serve as a juror.

B. Interfering with judicial proceedings is a class 1 misdemeanor.