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Legal Information: Alaska

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of August 9, 2023

The person who sexually assaulted me is being prosecuted in criminal court. Can my sexual history be brought up when I testify?

If the person who sexually assaulted you was arrested and the case goes to trial, you will most likely have to testify about what happened. Alaska has a state law designed to prevent a victim of sexual assault from being re-victimized in the courtroom. The law states that in a prosecution for the crimes of sexual assault in any degree, sexual abuse of a minor in any degree, unlawful exploitation of a minor, or an attempt to commit any of these crimes, before evidence of your sexual conduct (occurring either before or after the crime) can be brought up in court, the information must first be presented to the judge (without the jury hearing it). The judge may allow the information only if s/he determines that your past sexual conduct is relevant to the case and that the importance of the information outweighs the invasion of your privacy and any prejudice or confusion that it may cause to the jury.1

1 See Alaska Statute § 12.45.045(a)