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Restraining Orders

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August 9, 2023

Do I need anything special to get my protective order enforced in a new state?

In most places, you will need a certified copy of your protective order. A certified copy says it is a “true and correct” copy, is signed or initialed by the clerk of court that gave you the order, and usually has some kind of court stamp. If your copy is not a certified copy, call or go to the court that gave you the order and ask for a certified copy.

If you have already re-located to a different state and do not have a certified copy, you can ask for help from a court clerk, advocate, or attorney in the new state to get a certified copy from the court that gave you the order.

If you are moving to a new state, it may be helpful to take phone numbers for the court clerk in the state that issued the order and the number of the nearest domestic violence program in the new state.

Some states maintain computerized registries of protective orders in their state. If the state that gave you the protective order has a registry, try to get the phone number of the registry manager, or the number of the local or state law enforcement agency that has your order on file.