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Legal Information: Alaska

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of August 9, 2023

How do I file my out-of-state or tribal order with the court system?

You can file a certified copy of any out-of-state, unexpired protective order with the clerk of court in any judicial district in Alaska.  It can be an order issued by a court in another state or territory, a United States military tribunal, or a tribal court.1 To see contact information for courthouses where you can file your order, go to our AK Courthouse Locations page.  The clerk will file stamp the order and assign it a civil case number from the Alaska court system.  No copy or notice is distributed to the respondent, the file is not reviewed by a judge, and no hearing is set.

The clerk will then give the order to the appropriate local law enforcement agency for entry into the central registry (the same distribution procedure used for Alaskan protective orders).2 It is important to get a copy of your stamped order and keep a copy on you at all times, in case there is any delay in the order getting entered into the Alaska central registry for protective orders.  

1 Alaska Statute § 18.66.140(b)
2 Alaska Statute § 18.66.140(c)