Información Legal: Oregon

Conozca la Ley - por Estado

Most of the laws relevant to domestic violence and sexual assault are based on state law.

Information about restraining orders to prevent abuse, stalking protection orders, and restraining orders for the elderly and disabled.

Information about custody in Oregon.

This page has some general information (not state-specific) about when one parent takes a child out of the state or country without the other parent’s consent.

General information about divorce in Oregon.

Oregon's housing laws protect victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. You can be let out of your lease, get your locks changed, the abuser's tenancy can be terminated, and the landlord cannot discriminate against you.

Información sobre crímenes que el abusador pudo haber cometido en Oregon y programas de ayuda para víctimas.

There are state laws that may make it illegal for an abuser to buy or have a gun.

Puede tener derecho a demandar a un/a abusador/a por costos médicos, pérdida de ingresos y para recuperar su propiedad.