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Información Legal: Kentucky

Restraining Orders

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29 de octubre de 2019

How do I change or extend my protective order?

Extending your order
When your DVO is expiring, you can apply to extend it for an additional period of up to 3 years. There is no limit on the number of times an order may be reissued (extended). There does not need to be a new act of domestic violence for the order to be reissued.1 However, if there has been no further abuse or contact, you may want to be prepared to explain to the judge why you are still in danger of further abuse (based on the history, gun ownership, etc.).

Changing your order
Either you or the abuser can file a motion to amend a domestic violence order.2 After a hearing, the judge will decide whether or not to grant the amendment (change).

Note: A DVO can be amended (after you file a request and the judge holds a hearing) to require the abuser to wear a GPS device if the abuser has committed a substantial (serious) violation of a domestic violence order and if the judge believes that the GPS device would increase your safety.3

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