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Estatutos Estatales Seleccionados: Indiana

Estatutos Seleccionados: Indiana

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8 de octubre de 2019

IC 31-17-2.2-4 Notice of intent to move; confidentiality of information

Sec. 4. If a court finds that disclosure of the information required under section 3 of this chapter creates a significant risk of substantial harm to the relocating individual or the child, the court may order:

(1) that the address, the telephone number, or other identifying information of the relocating individual or child not be disclosed in the pleadings, other documents filed in the proceeding, or the final order;

(2) that the information required under section 3 of this chapter be maintained by the clerk of the court in a secure location separate from the pending case file;

(3) that the notice requirements under IC 31-14-13-10 or this chapter be waived to the extent necessary to protect the relocating individual or child from significant risk of substantial harm; or

(4) other remedial action that the court considers necessary to facilitate the legitimate needs of the parties and the best interest of the child.