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November 4, 2020

86.004. Court Order for Law Enforcement Assistance Under Final Order

On request by an applicant obtaining a final protective order that excludes the respondent from the respondent’s residence, the court granting the final order shall render a written order to the sheriff, constable, or chief of police to provide a law enforcement officer from the department of the chief of police, constable, or sheriff to:(1) accompany the applicant to the residence covered by the order;(2) inform the respondent that the court has ordered that the respondent be excluded from the residence;(3) protect the applicant while the applicant takes possession of the residence and the respondent takes possession of the respondent’s necessary personal property; and(4) if the respondent refuses to vacate the residence:

(A) remove the respondent from the residence; and

(B) arrest the respondent for violating the court order.