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November 4, 2020

93.004. Exceptions

(a) A communication that is confidential under this chapter may be disclosed only:
(1) to another individual employed by or volunteering for a family violence center for the purpose of furthering the advocacy process;
(2) for the purpose of seeking evidence that is admissible under Article 38.49, Code of Criminal Procedure, following an in camera review and a determination that the communication is admissible under that article;
(3) to other persons in the context of a support group or group counseling in which a victim is a participant; or
(4) for the purposes of making a report under Chapter 261 of this code or Section 48.051, Human Resources Code.
(b) Notwithstanding Subsection (a), the Texas Rules of Evidence govern the disclosure of a communication that is confidential under this chapter in a criminal or civil proceeding by an expert witness who relies on facts or data from the communication to form the basis of the expert’s opinion.
(c) If the family violence center, at the request of the victim, discloses a communication privileged under this chapter for the purpose of a criminal or civil proceeding, the family violence center shall disclose the communication to all parties to that criminal or civil proceeding.