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December 14, 2023

6706. Cancellation, expiration and voluntary withdrawal

(a) Cancellation.–The Office of Victim Advocate shall cancel the certification of a program participant if:

(1) the program participant willingly provided false information on any portion of the application;

(2) the program participant failed to notify the Office of Victim Advocate within five days of a name change or an address change; or

(3) the program participant’s mail is returned to the Office of Victim Advocate as nondeliverable.

(b) Expiration.–Certification as a program participant shall expire three years from the date on which an applicant was certified as a program participant. The Office of Victim Advocate shall send written notification of pending expiration to a program participant’s last known actual address 30 days prior to the expiration of certification.

(c) Withdrawal.–A program participant may withdraw at any time by notifying the Office of Victim Advocate in writing.

(d) Effect of cancellation, expiration or withdrawal.–Notwithstanding cancellation, expiration or prior withdrawal from the program, all persons eligible to apply to become program participants may reapply for participation in the program.